New Order Announcement
2 Dec 2022

(EMSD) Supply and Installation of Payment System on Existing EV charging facilities at Kennedy Town Car Park for EPD

Tysan Engineering (HK) Company Limited is pleased to inform you that a contract supply and installation of payment system on existing EV charging facilities at Kennedy Town Car Park was awarded to TEC from EMSD in a value of approx. HK$1.25M.tioners, LED Lighting and Real Time Energy Monitoring Systems Installation for non-Government and non-Profit Making Schools in 2022.existing LKB and several residential buildings nearby. Tysan is confident to overcome those difficulties and complete the project successfully.

Besides the green schools, TEC continues to participate in project involving the green energy concept. Since the government of HKSAR aims to stop people buying petrol cars by 2035, it encourages people buying electric vehicles is part of the city goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050. Carbon neutrality is when the amount of carbon produced by things like cars and electricity is cancelled out by other measures such as planting trees. In 2021, the number of electric vehicles in Hong Kong is about 18,500 but in Sep 2022, the number is about 40,000. However, there are only 5,283 EV chargers for public use including 2,871 medium chargers and 961 quick chargers, covering all 18 districts. We found there is a great opportunity in this area as more and more electric vehicles in HK, and much more EV chargers are required in each buildings or car parks, etc. Hence, TEC has cooperated with a EV charger supplier to bid this kind of tenders. Later, TEC will continue to bid more this kind of green tenders relating to the EV chargers like the EV charging at Home Subsidy Scheme (EHSS) from EPD.