New Order Announcement
7 May 2022

Site Formation and Foundation works For the Expansion of Lai King Building in Princess Margaret Hospital

Tysan Building Construction Company Limited (Tysan) is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the above contract from the Hospital Authority. Lai King Building (LKB), established in 2001, is a hospital facility dedicated to providing convalescent, rehabilitation and infirmary in-patient services and is part of the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) that is a major acute hospital in the Kowloon West Cluster (KWC) of Hospital Authority (HA).

With an ever-increasing elderly population, the demand for comprehensive medical care is expected in a growing trend, especially for convalescent and infirmary support. HA has decided to make use of the space next to the existing LKB, currently a rehabilitation garden, to develop a new hospital block as an LKB extension for more beds and treatment facilities for the patients in KWC. The expansion project will be implemented in three works stages, namely preparatory works, site formation and foundation works, and main works. The current project is the 2nd phase.

Tysan is grateful to have the opportunity to work for the Hospital Authority in this project which can in turn help to serve the public in KWC. The project poses several challenges to us as we are working in close vicinity to the existing LKB and several residential buildings nearby. Tysan is confident to overcome those difficulties and complete the project successfully.