New Order Announcement
20 April 2020

Alterations & Additions Works for Flood Mitigation Measures for the Jockey Club Kitchee Centre

Tysan Building Construction Company Limited (Tysan) is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the contract for Alterations & Additions Works for flood mitigation measures for the Jockey Club Kitchee Centre which is located in Shek Mun, Shatin.

Opened in 2014, the football training facilities were the first of its kind in Hong Kong and comprises of an artificial turf pitch complete with a pitch lighting system and four single-storey buildings that house an office, a first aid room and changing rooms.

Under this new contract, the A&A Works will involve the construction of fair faced reinforced concrete parapet walls around the existing pitch area as well as the design and construction of a flood water backflow check valve to be used with the existing drainage outflow. The Works are due to commence in April 2020 and are scheduled for completion in the fourth quarter of the same year.

The facilities will remain occupied and under normal operations during the construction period and we will be required to liaise with the Architect and programme the Works to avoid disruption to the normal operations. We will also be required to protect the artificial turf pitch during the construction period.

As the Main Contractors for building the original Centre, we are delighted to be brought back on board to undertake these Works