Residential Development at Lok Chui Street

Client:              Vastway Capital Investments Limited
Completion Date:   Q1 2020
Location:           Lot 512, Lok Chui Street, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

This project involved the E&M installation for a luxury residential development comprising of 2 houses.

This project targeted BEAM Plus accreditation.

Fire Services

Fire hydrant, sprinkler and hose reel system alarm bell, portable fire extinguishers to the basement carpark and the two houses.

Plumbing and Drainage

Cold and Hot Water supply and flushing water supply. Rainwater disposal, solid, waste and vent system and Condensation drainage system including sump pump for whole basement drainage discharge.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Biological treatment of sewage by Contact Aeration Process and tertiary treatment with filtration and disinfection by UV sterilisation.

Swimming Pool Filtration Plant

Filtration Plant with related circulating pumps, chlorinated cartridge systems for the private swimming pools of the houses.


  - Variable Refrigerant Volume Air Conditioning Heat Recovery System and Mechanical Ventilation System

  - Mechanical ventilation fans for Utility Plant Rooms and Basement Carpark ventilation

  - Air purifiers for IAQ control at Basement Carpark


Electrical System

1000kVA Transformer, LV Main Switchboard, Main and Submain Distribution and Final Circuit Installation for 2 houses and Plant Rooms c/w Normal and Essential Power, Lighting installation, Earthing and Lightning Protection System and Power Quality System.

1. Fire Services plant room

2. Plumbing plant room

3. Sewage treatment plant room

4. Swimming pool, night view

5. Outdoor unit on roof

6. Indoor unit

7. LVSB Room

8. MCB board